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National Support

Supporting national actions to raise awareness on pancreatic cancer

Did you know that…

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest existing cancers, which is the reason there are only a few patient organisations in Europe. We need to foster the creation of organisations dedicated to this disease across Europe now.

Scope of the workstream

The National Support Workstream addresses its activities to PCE members organisations, helping them to get the most from the PCE material and actions.
We aim at raising awareness on pancreatic cancer at the national level and spreading the word in countries not involved in Pancreatic Cancer Europe yet!

Implementing a Sound Advocacy Strategy

PCE supports its members at national level in their advocacy activities addressed to patients, providing information about relevant policies and regulations and emerging trends and best practices in the field.
PCE also organises workshops and seminars at European and national level to empower member organisations to better address relevant issues regarding pancreatic cancer.

Our materials in your language

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