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Pancreatic Cancer Europe joins the Consultation on the EU Beating Cancer Plan

In February, the European Commission opened a consultation on its Europe Beating Cancer Plan. Inviting all citizens to bring their expertise to the table in order to propose a Plan that, according to the Commission’s own words, “puts European citizens at the centre”.

As a multi-stakeholder Platform, PCE is rich from a variety of point of views and perspectives on life with pancreatic cancer. The Platform has developed a contribution to be shared with the European Commission in order to ensure that pancreatic cancer and its current challenges are taken into account in the next structuring effort against cancer at the European level.

From diagnosis to post-therapy life, we have worked on a contribution that encompasses all the stages of living with pancreatic cancer, in hope of improving every stage for patients, their families and their carers. We also ensured to remind the Commission of the major funding effort that is necessary for research, as well as of the need for EU Registries on pancreatic cancer, in line with the core claims of PCE since its creation.

Pancreatic Cancer Europe will follow with attention the next developments of this Plan and keep its advocacy actions up and running to always push for the consideration of pancreatic cancer in public policies across Europe.