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Position Paper on Pancreatic Cancer Across Europe in Light of the 2024 EU Elections

PCE is pleased to announce our latest position paper addressing the critical issue of pancreatic cancer across Europe in light of the 2024 EU Elections. Developed collaboratively by Pancreatic Cancer Europe (PCE) and our partners, this paper highlights key action points to combat pancreatic cancer effectively within the next five years.

About the Position Paper:

Pancreatic cancer poses a significant challenge to public health, with rising incidence and mortality rates placing it as the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Europe. Our paper delves into the facts surrounding pancreatic cancer, outlining the current challenges and proposing actionable solutions.

Key Action Points:

  1. Accessible, updated and understandable information on the importance of early detection, addressed to the general public, disseminated by the European pancreatic cancer community.
  2. Collaborative efforts to implement effective screening programs, identify high-risk populations, and explore novel diagnostic tools.
  3. Improved national research efforts in each European Country, to provide better pancreatic cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatments.
  4. Development of common European guidelines for data and sample collection.
  5. Availability of specific European funding strands for pancreatic cancer research.
  6. High-profile centres open to the pancreatic cancer community.
  7. Clear and accessible information on clinical trials.


The position paper is endorsed by leading organisations in the field, including Cancer Patients Europe, Digestive Cancer Europe, European Pancreatic Club, and United European Gastroenterology. Together, we are committed to driving positive change and improving outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients across Europe.

Download the position paper:


We encourage healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, patients, and advocates to explore the paper and join us in our mission to combat pancreatic cancer.

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