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Physical activity and pancreatic cancer




Awareness and Diagnosis; Treatment


Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 15:30-17:00 CET


Cindy Neuzillet, Department of Medical Oncology. Curie Institute Saint Cloud, France, Presentation on the benefits of physical activity for pancreatic cancer patients during and after treatment


Panel Discussion 


Ester Molina Beltran, PCE, Presentation of the project “Physical activities and pancreatic cancer”


World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2023 – online event 

The Webinar:  

On 21 November 2023, Pancreatic Cancer Europe (PCE) and the European Pancreatic Club (EPC) held a webinar to shed light on the relationship between physical activity and pancreatic cancer, drawing insights from experts in the field. The event garnered great interest, with a total of 122 individuals registering, and we were pleased to welcome 40 attendees who actively participated in the discussions, contributing to the overall success of the session.

Experts from various backgrounds shared their valuable experiences, including patient organisations, medical professionals, policymakers, and academia. During the webinar, speakers also underscored the challenges associated with integrating physical activity into the treatment regimens for pancreatic cancer patients. They brought attention to the complexities of addressing issues such as fatigue, pain management, nutritional concerns, and the psychological impact of cancer treatments.

Importantly, the webinar also marked the introduction of PCE’s physical activity project. This initiative, featuring a booklet and summary boards, emphasises the significance of physical activity in preventing and managing pancreatic cancer. These resources aim to improve the quality of life during the treatment journey, fostering a more comprehensive and supportive approach to patient care. They will serve as valuable guides for patients, caregivers, and organisations.

In summary, the physical activity webinar was a valuable forum for experts to discuss the benefits and challenges of integrating exercise into pancreatic cancer treatment. The introduction of PCE’s project and active participant engagement emphasised the importance of prioritising physical activity for improved patient care.

Click here to access the playlist of the recording of the event:


Gabriele Capurso, EPC General Secretary, Austria: Opening

Nicolás González Casares, MEP, Spain: Welcome message 

Cindy Neuzillet, Department of Medical Oncology. Curie Institute Saint Cloud, France: Keynote speech on The benefits of physical activity for pancreatic cancer patients during and after treatment Presentation 

Panel discussion: The impact of physical activities on pancreatic cancer patients’ quality of life 

Maria Luisa Pagano, PCE Moderator

Alice Avancini, University of Verona, Italy 

Petra Thaller, Outdoor Against Cancer, Germany 

Sanjay Pandanaboyana, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Ali Stunt, PCE Board of Directors and Pancreatic Cancer Action, United Kingdom


Ester Molina Beltran, PCE: The project “Physical activities and pancreatic cancer” Presentation 

Alfredo Carrato, PCE Board of Directors: Conclusions and final remarks 

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