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A network of registries on Pancreatic Cancer across Europe

Did you know that…

Pancreatic cancer is a cancer with mortality on the rise. The late diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is notably due to the lack of identified biomarkers, genes or imaging modalities. Improved survival rates depend on improved knowledge of the disease, increasing the ability to diagnose it earlier. If advances in pancreatic cancer research are to be made and the commitments of Member States to effective cancer control fulfilled, then registries on pancreatic cancer are a prerequisite.

Scope of the workstream

The main objective of the Registries workstream is to fill the gap of the lack of organised data collection in pancreatic cancer, which would lead to a better understanding of the disease and the development of more efficacious diagnosis strategies and personalised treatments.

This focus of PCE is based on the observation that over the last number of years, there has been very limited research into pancreatic cancer that has yielded substantial results. The vital component of oncological research is, and always has been, the availability of data for researchers.