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Exploring Pancreatic Cancer Research Across Europe

Welcome to Pancreatic Cancer Europe’s Research Map, an interactive tool showcasing pancreatic cancer research Groups across Europe. Our mission is to advance the fight against pancreatic cancer by fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge. By mapping these Groups, we increase the visualisation of EU pancreatic cancer research teams in the international scenario and it will promote pancreatic cancer scientific collaborations, as well as fostering training of young pancreatic cancer researchers. Our map provides a real and detailed picture of pancreatic cancer research in Europe. It allows users to explore the Groups by the geographical setting, type of research, and availability of resources . Navigate through different regions, zoom into specific countries, and access detailed information about each Group. Whether you are a researcher seeking collaborators, a healthcare professional looking for the latest advancements, a junior researcher seeking to advance your professional journey in pancreatic cancer studies, or a patient searching for clinical trials, our Research Map is a valuable resource.

At Pancreatic Cancer Europe, we believe knowledge sharing and collaboration are crucial for progress. Our Research Map is continuously updated with the latest developments. Explore the map, contribute information, and join us in our commitment to eradicating pancreatic cancer. Together, we can accelerate research progress and move closer to a future without this disease.

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